Bachelor of Arts Degree Course

Duration: 3 Years / 6 Semesters
BA in Drama & Theatre

Level One

DMAT 11013             (C)      Basic Elements of Theatrical Art

DMAT 12023             (C)      Ritual and Folk Theatre of Sri Lanka

DMAT 13034             (C)      Practical I


Level Two

DMAT 21013             (C)      Greek and Roman Theatre

DMAT 21023             (C)      Asian Theatre Traditions

DMAT 23034             (C)      Practical II

DMAT 22042             (O)      Medieval and Elizabethan Theatre


Level Three

DMAT 31013             (C)      Contemporary Sri Lankan Theatre

DMAT 31023             (C)      Contemporary European Theatre

DMAT 33034             (C)      Practical III

DMAT 32042             (O)      Script Writing for the Theatre

DMAT 32052             (O)      Modern American Theatre

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