Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree

Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
BA Honours Degree in Image Arts

Semester I

IMAT 21514 (C)      Theory and Techniques of Photography I

IMAT 21524 (C)      The Language of Film

IMAT 21534 (C)      Computer Technology and Image Arts

IMAT 21543 (C)      Lighting Techniques

IMAT 21553 (O)      Fundamentals of Aesthetics

IMAT 21563 (O)      Film as an Art and Recording Medium


Semester II

IMAT 22574 (C)      Theory and Techniques of Photography II

IMAT 22584 (C)      Theory and Techniques of Videography

IMAT 22594 (C)      Digital Photography

IMAT 22603 (C)      Appreciation of Image Arts

IMAT 22613 (O)      Seminar on Research Methodology

IMAT 22623 (O)      Performing for the screen


Semester I

IMAT 31514 (C)      Theory and Techniques of Photography - III

IMAT 31524 (C)      Television and Video Programme Production Methods

IMAT 31534 (C)      Sri Lankan Cinema

IMAT 31544 (C)      Sound Design in Motion Picture

IMAT 31553 (C)      Television Programme Planning and Production

IMAT 31563 (O)      Narrative Theory and Craft of Screenwriting


Semester II

IMAT 32578 (C)      In-plant Training

IMAT 32583 (C)      Documentary Film

IMAT 32593 (O)      The Movie Industry


Semester I

IMAT 41514 (C)      Theory and Techniques of Photography IV

IMAT 41524 (C)      Film Theory and Ideology

IMAT 41534 (C)      World Cinema an introduction

IMAT 41543 (C)      Video Art and Multimedia

IMAT 41553 (O)      Television of Sri Lanka as an Art and Industry

IMAT 41563 (O)      Directing for Screen Arts


Semester II

IMAT 42578 (C)      Image Arts - Dissertation / Exhibition / Production

IMAT 42583 (C)      Screen Arts: Influence on society and culture

IMAT 42594 (C)      Film Appreciation and Criticism

IMAT 42603 (O)      Art Photography

IMAT 42613 (O)      Popular Culture and Recording Arts

IMAT 42623 (O)      Visual Design for Image Arts

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