The Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) represents the practical, task oriented aspect of Teaching English as a second Language (TESL) in the University of Kelaniya.  It is a part of the Faculty of Humanities, but provides English courses to all the Faculties of the University of Kelaniya.  Its strength lies in its ability to liaise with students and staff from all disciplines and the department provides English for Specific Purposes (ESP) or English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses as needed. The DELT courses are offered to students of all levels of study. 

The DELT also offers a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Honours degree to those who wish to pursue a career in teaching English as a Second Language.  The degree in TESL focuses on creating professioals in teaching english in Sri Lanka, and is different from the degree in English offered by the Department of English. 




Graduate Profile

Graduates of the BA Hons (Teaching English as a Second Language) degree will be able to: 
  • demonstrate theoretical knowledge on and practical application of principles, strategies and methodologies related to ESL, including language acquisition, language policies, computer assisted language learning, curriculum and course design in ESL, and testing and assessment;
  • demonstrate knowledge on theories of and critically evaluate aspects of English linguistics, the origins, models of spread and the evolution of the English language and their implications on the local, global and ESL contexts;
  • demonstrate knowledge of ethical practice and research in applied linguistics, and conduct and write research in TESL and related areas, as well as to carry out action research in ESL teaching and learning contexts;
  • critically appreciate literature from different time periods and discuss their relevance to human condition and possess the technical knowhow to transmit this knowledge to learners in the literature classroom;
  • demonstrate skills of critical thinking, communication, analysis and problem solving and the application of these skills on teaching, conducting research in applied linguistics, community service and other areas of professional engagements;
  • demonstrate leadership skills, team spirit and management skills to fulfil the current demands in the job market as effective ESL teachers.
  • demonstrate positive attitudes by being self-directed learners sharpened through reflective practice, inclusive thinking, and community service so that the graduates can adapt to any ESL teaching or professional contexts and bring about the much needed change in the ELT landscape and society at large.

CONNECT: An Intermediate Course in English (CICE)- Certificate Course


Diploma in English for Professional Purposes (DEPP)

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