Bachelor of Arts Degree Course
BA in Tamil as a Second Language

Duration: 3 Years / 6 Semesters
BA in Tamil as a Second Language

Level One (TASL)

TASL 12323 C                        An outline of Tamil Literature and Culture

TASL 12333 C                        Learning Skills and Translation

TASL 13314 C                        Spoken Tamil and Grammar


Level Two (TASL)

TASL 21312 C                        A Brief History of Tamil Language

TASL 23323 C                        Literary Tamil

TASL 23333 C                        Tamil Poem and Drama


Level Three (TASL)

TASL 31312 C                        Tamil Novels and Short stories

TASL 32322 C                        Language in Tamil Mass Media

TASL 32332 C                        Advanced Tamil Prose and Poetry

TASL 33342 C                        Advanced Skills in writing Tamil

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