Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree
BA (Hons) Degree in Translation Studies

Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
BA (Hons) Degree in Translation Studies

Level One

TRSP 11514 C           Language A: Writing Techniques I

TRSP 11524 C           Language B: Listening and Reading I

TRSP 11534 C           Language C: Listening

TRSP 12544 C           Language A: Writing Techniques II

TRSP 12554 C           Language B: Listening and Reading II

TRSP 12564 C           Language C: Listening and Speaking

TRSP 12573 C           Awareness of Language: Linguistics Approach

Module(s) from other departments


Level Two

TRSP 21513 C           General Translation I

TRSP 21522 C           Computer Skills for Translation

TRSP 21533 C           Language C: Reading I

TRSP 22543 C           Language A: Writing III

TRSP 22553 C           Language B: Writing I

TRSP 22563 C           General translation II

TRSP 22572 C           Language C: Reading II

Module(s) from other departments


Level Three

TRSP 31513 C           Specialized Translation I: Technical Translation

TRSP 31522 C           Translation Theories and Ethics

TRSP 31533 C           Language B: Writing II

TRSP 31543 C           Language C: Writing I

TRSP 32553 C           Specialized Translation II: Academic Translation

TRSP 32563 C           General Translation to Language B

TRSP 32572 C           Introduction to Machine Translation

TRSP 32583 C           Language C: Writing II

Module(s) from other departments


Level Four

TRSP 41514 C           Specialized Translation III: Subject Wise Translation

TRSP 41524 C           Introduction to Interpretation

TRSP 41533 C           Language A: Editing and ProofReading

TRSP 41546 C           Internship I

TRSP 42554 C           Specialized Translation IV: Literary Translation

TRSP 42563 C           Specialized Translation into Language B

TRSP 42572 C           Introduction to Audio-Visual Translation

TRSP 42586 C           Internship II

Module(s) from other departments

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