Literary Criticism

The Department of Sinhala, situated within the esteemed Faculty of Humanities at the University of Kelaniya, holds a prominent position as one of the largest departments. Annually, it attracts a significant enrollment of approximately 500 students who eagerly enroll in the diverse range of courses offered by this department.

Today, the Sinhala Department at Kelaniya University stands as a fully established department, boasting a highly qualified and competent faculty. Their expertise spans across various domains, including Classical and Modern Sinhala Literature, Evaluation of Sinhala Language and Paleography, Performing and Recording Arts, Metrics, Rhetoric and Oriental and Occidental Criticism, Sinhala Exegetical Literature, Sinhala Paleography and Inscriptions, Sinhala Culture and Folklore, Art and Architecture, and Literary Criticism.

These courses are tailored to cater to students pursuing Bachelor of Arts General and Special degrees, providing them with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the rich Sinhala heritage.


To be the globally recognized center of excellence in Sinhala Studies, empowering individuals with deep emotional and intellectual insights, fostering cultural understanding, and promoting self-fulfillment.


The Department of Sinhala Studies is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of emotional and intellectual spheres, cultivating exceptional individuals who possess the skills and knowledge to serve the world. We strive to equip our students with the tools to enhance their self-respect and achieve personal satisfaction, while fostering a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Sinhala. Through rigorous academic pursuits, interdisciplinary research, and community engagement, we aim to develop well-rounded individuals who can make significant contributions to society while embracing their own identity and cultural roots.


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