Bachelor of Arts Degree Course

Duration: 3 Years / 6 Semesters
BA in Hindi Studies (New Syllabus)


HIND 11312     C          Foundation of Hindi Language - I

HIND 11322     A          Proficiency in Hindi Language - I

HIND 12334     C          Foundation of Hindi Language- II

HIND 13344     C          Skills of Comprehension and Expression

HIND 12352     A          Proficiency in Hindi Language - II


HIND 21312     C          Modern Hindi Language

HIND 21322     C          North Indian Culture and Hindi Folk Literature

HIND 21332     A          Proficiency in Hindi Language - III

HIND 22342     C          Hindi Literature: Genres and Development

HIND 23352     C          Fundamentals of Hindi Language and Technical Writing

HIND 22362     A          Proficiency in Hindi Language - IV


HIND 31312     C          Modern Hindi Verse (Specified)

HIND 31322     C          Hindi for Professional Purposes and Translation

HIND 31332     A          Introduction to North Indian Culture

HIND 32342     C          Indo-Lanka Cultural Relations and Expression

HIND 32352     C          General Skills of Communication

HIND 32362     A          Introduction to Modern Hindi Prose and Verse (Specified)

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